Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sailing Away with Peanut

I am going to start this post off with an apology; all of the pictures in this post are from my iPhone, and were taken before the blog was thought of.  Today's room on Preston Drive is Peanut, our youngest daughter's, room. I would have gladly taken new pictures, but this room has since changed to try and encourage Peanut to sleep in a big girl bed (no luck on that front as of yet.)  I had planned for a long time that once we moved her room would be nautical in theme, but when I discovered this fabric by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics the design theme was anchored down (pun fully intended).

Originally Peanut's room had her crib and a toddler bed on one wall, above the crib on her wall I made a gallery wall, inside the outer frames I used various fabrics from the "Out to Sea" collection.  I had collected the frames from trade days and thrift stores and painted them with an "OOPS" paint that was marked down to $2.50! The oar frame that is center stage in the gallery wall was a clearance find at Hobby Lobby, and the anchor was from a trip to Canton Trade Days from a vendor called Build a Cross.  

I love the little pirate girl print in the "Out to Sea" collection, three of the girls have some of our family names and I couldn't help but frame the one that has Peanut's middle name all in her own frame!

Across from her crib were two Ikea dressers that made the move with us, they did the job but now she has a new wardrobe in her room instead.  The mirror I found at a garage sale and painted the frame of the mirror white.  I also made her her own reading corner with a chair and a anchor print basket from TJMaxx.

Peanut's toddler bed has pillows that my mom and I made using the pirate ship, anchor and narwhal prints from the "Out to Sea" collection, we also used some vintage fabric that Mr. Preston Drive's grandmother gave me. 

The wall opposite of Peanut's crib was her changing table (pay no mind to the cardboard boxes acting as storage, embarrassing blogger move) and an anchor coat hanger where her rain coat hangs.  The life saver ring hanging above the door was actually from Mr. Preston Drives and my wedding, and says "Don't Rock the Boat" and it was the perfect finishing touch for her room. 

That's the end of the tour of Peanut's room, hopefully someday soon we can get her sleeping in a big girl bed and I can update the blog as to what her room looks like now, if I haven't already changed it by then.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek inside Preston Drive.

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