Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dreaming of Design Wednesday

        Welcome to today's Dreaming of Design Wednesday! Today I am going to design a guest bedroom, it could also work as a teens bedroom or even a master bedroom.  When it comes to a guest bedroom I like to keep it pretty relaxing with a few pops of color, you want your guests to love staying with you! Or, if you don't want them to come back pick a really uncomfortable mattress haha! Since this is a guest bedroom, and it wont have a person constantly in there I tried to keep the cost down as much as possible. First to be picked was a headboard, I don't necessarily like the color of this headboard, but I like its lines, in my house it would certainly get a coat or two of high gloss white.

Flexible  Headboard - Black (Full/Queen)

For the nightstand, I would buy two of these storage modules from Ikea in the light green color, turn them upside down and fasten them on top of each other.  This would make one nightstand with a shelf in the middle to store goodies for your guests, like water bottles, a nice lotion and maybe a scented candle (unlit of course, we don't want any fires starting).

IKEA PS 2014 Storage module IKEA Create your own unique combination for storage and display by combining modules and lids any way you like.

A coat rack in a corner would be a great place for your guests to hang their coats, purses and scarves.  This coat rack is also the same light green as the nightstand, making it the rooms main pop of color.

IKEA PS 2014 Hat and coat stand IKEA The low height allows you to place the coat stand under stairs or sloping ceilings, if you like.

Lighting is very important for any room, but in a guest room you must make sure that your guest is able to read, or get some work done before they go to bed.  These lamps are great in that the light can be directed right on to what your guest is working on.  I love the little touches of gold on the lamp too. 

For the bedding I chose a white duvet and pillow covers, this will keep the room clean and fresh looking, and who doesn't love a crisp, white bed??

Storage is also necessary when  it comes to a guest room. A dresser gives your guest some space to unpack their clothes and makes them feel at home.  You could also use some of the drawers to store extra blankets and other household goodies that you need a place to hide away.  The dresser I picked has wood grain to tie it back to the nightstands and the white drawer fronts matches to the headboard. 

Bonus!!! Most guest rooms are relatively small in size, but if your room allows for it I would recommend this chair to be placed in a corner giving your guest a place to sit and take their shoes off and relax.

TRENDIG 2013 Armchair Width: 21 5/8 " Depth: 18 1/8 " Height: 28 3/8 " Width: 55 cm Depth: 46 cm Height: 72 cm

Well, there ya have it folks, one room designed and more to come.  Thanks for coming by Preston Drive, feel free to join me on Facebook too!

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